The World Calligraphy Museum will hold consultations with leading experts of the Center for the Study of Handwriting under the leadership of Larisa Drygval

May 24, 2020 at 15:00 at the World Calligraphy Museum there will be a master class on the topic “Career Guidance on Handwriting. Find your way," and by appointment, consultations will be conducted under the leadership of Larisa Drygval by leading experts of the Handwriting Research Center - Moscow office of Inessa Goldberg's Institute of Graphoanalysis (Israel).

The academic year is already drawing to a close, and many children and their parents are faced with a difficult choice of the future development path. Which direction to choose? Where can a child be most successful? In which area can you maximize your potential and enjoy the process most?

If you ask yourself such questions, then this meeting is for you!

Age of participants: 13+

Master class fee: 500 rubles.

At a career counseling consultation you will receive:

- a psychological map of your strengths and weaknesses, abilities;

- a description of the areas of activity that suit you most;

- a description of working conditions in which it is most optimally possible to reveal your potential.

Consultation fee: 5000 rubles.

Have you decided have a consultation? What is needed for this:

1. Prepare a sample of your handwriting, write a short text on any subject with a ballpoint pen on a clean, not-lined A4 sheet.

2. Send a sample handwriting in the mail

3. Sign up for a consultation by email address or tel. +7 (916) 205-09-78, +7 (495) 728-77-58.