The Silk Road of the Master

The exhibition in the St. Petersburg gallery “Colors of Life”, dedicated to the works of the classic of Chinese painting, Jiang Shilong, will last until the end of July 2020.

The paintings of the Chinese master Jiang Shilong is an integration of philosophy, poetry and aesthetics. Every detail reflects the beauty and harmony of nature, which the artist saw in a special way.

“It is important for me to use a free style, to explore the similarity of objects in spirit, and to achieve an inspired rhythm of the living movement. A free style should avoid imitation of a real object, but it allows creativity and imagination within the logic of nature,” Jiang Shilong himself said about his work.

Jiang Shilong is a recognized master of traditional Chinese Guohua painting (ink wash painting). Two of its genres were close to the artist: landscape, or Shan shui (mountains and waters), and still life, or Huaniao hua (flowers and birds). Shilong's still life is generalized, but at the same time is very symbolic. The idea of each plant is brought out by swift and precise brush touches. Picturesque spots on his works correlate with a clean background, which embodies the subtle idea of a balance of material and spiritual.

Shilong was not only a creator, but also a real philosopher, that is why he said: “Good paintings are not only inside the frame - just as good verses are not only on paper.” As the son of a famous Chinese calligrapher, Jiang Shilong began to study hieroglyphic writing as a child, so calligraphy, painting, literature and philosophy merged into his work.

The artist’s works are kept in the collections of the Hermitage, the Louvre and the State Museum of Art. The master’s works are also in private collections of art connoisseurs from all around the world.

Until July 31, Petersburgers and city guests will have the opportunity to enjoy the works of a Chinese painter. The exhibition is available for visiting from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the gallery "Colors of Life", located at: 7/4 Petrograd Side, Bolshoy Prospect. Entrance to the exhibition will be by appointment in groups of no more than five people. All guests will be provided with personal protective equipment.

Source: Gazeta.SPb

The Silk Road of the MasterThe Silk Road of the Master