The exhibition “Celebration of Russian National Writing - 2021. In the Memory of Yu.I.Arutsev”

Yaroslavl City History Museum invites you to visit an exhibition “Celebration of Russian National Writing - 2021" running from January 20 to February 8, 2021 in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Yuri Ivanovich Arutsev (1951-2020), Founder of the Original School "Russian Calligraphy and Vyaz" and the Museum of Russian National Writing.

The Original School "Russian Calligraphy and Vyaz" was established in 2009. The school has developed original methods of teaching penmanship to children and adults, and on January 23, 2020, on Handwriting Day, a museum was opened on the base of the school.

The exhibition features calligraphy works by Yu. I. Arutsev, as well as graduates and students of the school, many of whom have participated in all-Russian and international exhibitions of calligraphy. Most works are written in the original font, called Alexander Pushkin.

The exhibition shows six areas of Russian calligraphy: ceremonial writing, Yaroslavl vyaz, art of monogram, golden signature, calligraphic lettering on the landscape photographs of Russia and Russian literary pangrams.

The main attraction of the event is a series by Yu. I.Arutsev called Necklace of the Russian Cities, in which each city name is masterfully written with pen and ink and interlaced with the image of the city's main church.

Yaroslavl vyaz, with its rich ornamental nature, attracts the viewer's eye. This special Yaroslavl font is already widely used in modern design. The calligraphy in vyaz is written on paper, wood, and even on pine tree bark!

Yuri Ivanovich Arutsev developed his own unique style of monogram featuring various techniques of botanical ornaments and balancing multiple fonts.

The Lettering on the Landscape Photographs of Russia section presents ink calligraphy on artistic photos by Yaroslavl travel photographer V.I.Kushnarev.

The exhibition also has writing materials, such as pens and inkwells of the 18th to 20th centuries on display, as well as some personal items of the master. The photo booth decorations include an Erisman desk and a 1:10 scale model of Zvezdochka pen.

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The exhibition “Celebration of Russian National Writing - 2021. In the Memory of Yu.I.Arutsev”The exhibition “Celebration of Russian National Writing - 2021. In the Memory of Yu.I.Arutsev”