Students of Moscow schools are very interested in visiting the World Calligraphy Museum

On the 4th of February the World Calligraphy Museum held two tours with a master class which was attended by children from the education Center No. 1311 "Thia" and the private school "Our Penates". Students from the education Center No.1311 "Thiya viewed the exhibits placed in the section of the Jewish calligraphy with a great interest. One of the main tasks of of the center is to introduce students and their parents to the Jewish culture, history and tradition. Some of them have been already familiar to the children for example such an exhibit as The "Tzar-mezuzah", one of the symbols of the Jewish culture. The master class which is guided by the professional calligrapher Artem Lebedev was lively and exciting. Children not only learned to write beautifully but also learned a lot about the art of calligraphy.