Srinagar girl takes calligraphy to 3D mode

Self-taught artist becomes handmade art entrepreneur.

As the calligraphy art among youth is catching up in Kashmir, young artists are bringing in new ideas to give script writing a new touch.

Safura Hameed, a young girl, from Srinagar’s Badamwari area has taken her passion for calligraphy to another level – she took the calligraphy art to 3D mode.

“I think that I am the first artist in J&K who has introduced this type of 3D calligraphy. After getting a good response from online platforms, I turned my passion into entrepreneurship.”

The main challenge she faced was to convert the basic traditional calligraphy into ‘something not done before’. “I started by learning the basics of calligraphy like use of qalam. I first make the base by qalam and then I prepare the clay-like material which I paste on the base and make the same calligraphy in 3D with my hands.”

Safura prepares the claylike material herself which she says is her own concept. “The material is durable, non-toxic and waterproof. I have kept the composition of the material a secret since it is my own concept for which I have worked very hard,” she says, adding that the proper shaping of the material by just a scale with no additional carving tools has been a challenge.

Sufura who sells her 3D art online, took help from social media to make her art reach others. She said that she made social media accounts by the name “Naayaab” which are like her virtual stores.

As per her, the response was so encouraging that she sold over a hundred pieces in the first month only.

“As we all were under lockdown due to COVID19, I took help of social media to display my art and reach people. I am very keen to add new innovations to my 3D art of calligraphy.”

Usually the basic calligraphy is done on paper, but “I’m making this 3D handmade art on wood, canvas and on stones as well, which are later framed,” she said.

Sufura is paving the way for other youngsters to learn this art. By using new innovations Sufura is going beyond pen and paper when it comes to calligraphy. From writing names, 3D floral to making small 3D toys for customers she is trying every new way to make her art unique.

Like most artists, Sufura said, COVID19 proved to be a challenge for her. “During the lockdown it was hard to get raw material and most of the orders remained pending,” she said.

“My will, support of my family and customers of my art encouraged me overcome every challenge,” she said.

Source: Greater Kashmir

Srinagar girl takes calligraphy to 3D modeSrinagar girl takes calligraphy to 3D mode