Renowned Chinese calligraphy in Yakutsk

The last weekend the National Museum of Arts in the Republic of Sakha saw the opening of an exhibition featuring 43 masterpieces by Chinese artists. The calligraphy scrolls and pencil portraits on display belong to the traditional Chinese style.

Chinese culture is notable for its distinct sophistication reflected in fine lines, contrast of colours, grace and profound meaning embedded in any given artwork. Liu Haiqing is a prominent contemporary artist, who focuses on landscape paintings employing black as a master colour with shades of bright red.

“Contours in black are a must in our art, but you can see red fairly often too. It symbolizes the flag and the red army. It is also associated with good luck. For example, when you create an image of a great white crane, you have to paint a red freckle on its head”, said the artist.

The canvas is no less distinguished, being a light rice paper. After the artwork is complete it is attached to some traditional fabric to preserve it for longer term. The same technique is used in calligraphy.

“Calligraphy is an ancient art and a major asset for our people as it serves to translate intentions and helps embed a specific meaning”, commented another artist, Lan Shan.

The exhibition has been devised two years ago when Beijing hosted the Days of the Republic of Sakha in 2015, where the book titled Xiongnu Stories by Nikolay Loginov, Yakutia, was presented.

The opening ceremony ended with guest artists donating some of their artworks to the museum, which will make them a part of the permanent exhibition going forward.

Renowned Chinese calligraphy in Yakutsk