Pskovians are welcome to attend a calligraphy workshop

The Central Library of Pskov is happy to announce a calligraphy workshop by Tatiana Beskhlebnaya, a graduate of the Design Department of Mathematical Modeling and Applied Game Theory Institute of Pskov State University, that will take place on January 29. A presentation "Illustrating with words, or drawing letters" will be given before the workshop.

Tatiana Beskhlebnaya will explain all the components of modern lettering in creative design, such as calligraphy, typography, fonts, letters, vectorization, and the basics of composition. Tatiana is a winner of the Annual Pskov International Design Festival (PDF), she designed multiple projects for modern libraries and youth clubs. After the workshop, the presentation of "The Book of Letters from Аа to Яя" by Yuri Gordon will take place. The workshop will be broadcast live at the VK group "Time to read".

"We don't write much nowadays, we mostly just type on the keyboard or the phone screen. It's hard for many people to write even in a simple school handwriting font, so an exercise in the beautiful art will be good for everyone," says Tatiana Beskhlebnaya. Design is the production of the meaning, not the way of decoration.

Source: Business Information Center of the Pskov Region

Pskovians are welcome to attend a calligraphy workshopPskovians are welcome to attend a calligraphy workshop