New Year DIY miracle as social initiative by Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy

The pre-New Year week in school No. 1 of the Small Business College No. 4 has started with making a creative New Year card. 7A students were so eager for another calligraphy class scheduled for December 25, and diligent in following Alexey Fedichkin’s guidelines, who has become more than a teacher, but a friend. The writing Happy New Year was to emerge on a dense paper with broad markers in Russian Vyaz.

The process started with observing the teacher working to understand the final goal. A practice followed to write individual letters in lines. Some of them required more work than the others, yet perseverance got the upper hand. The final writing took a shape of a ball, while the reverse side fitted Ded Moroz as a calligram.

Is there a greater reward for a teacher than children's delight, grateful smiles and satisfaction with what they do? To share the cheerful emotions, the kids offered a tasty gift to the teacher and the Museum's team member who assisted the class. Words can't do justice to the warm welcome we have at this school, sincere admiration and vivid emotions! We wish to thank the class teacher, Irina, for her warm-hearted welcome and support in having the calligraphy classes.

The social initiative to support individuals with special needs will continue in 2018 – the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy invites passionate calligraphers to join this project and the new ones too. We look forward to work together!