Museum of Russian Gusli and Chinese Guqin gathered like-minded people

February 29, 2020 at the Museum of Russian Gusli and Chinese Guqin a concert-meeting of gusli players and gusli lovers took place.

The initiator of the meeting was Tatyana Vasilyeva, a teacher at the music school and the Institute of Arts and Culture in Volgograd, a soloist in the folk instrument orchestra.

Concert participants read short reports in which they shared useful knowledge and experience. Konstantin Zakharov spoke about cross-gusli, a rare and very complex instrument, that only a few can play, and Dmitry Paramonov spoke about feast song traditions. Vladimir Borisov introduced the results of a study of the gusli music effects on the human body, and Tatyana Vasilyeva presented the results of work with children with developmental problems, autism and cerebral palsy. A small report by Konstantin Sigitov was devoted to the role of the traditional Russian instrument in the history of Ancient Russia study.

At the meeting, to the accompaniment of a gusli, Russian folk music was played, authentic and the author's covers, as well as works of ancient Russian literature performed by a professor at the Slavic International Academy, a folk storyteller, a graduate of the Gnesinsky Institute, who had devoted many years to the study of oral folk art, Gennady Ivanovich Lavrov, the oldest in the community of gusli players.

The Russian athlete, powerlifter, weightlifter-record holder Kirill Sarychev and calligraphy masters Kun Linmin and Varvara Panteleeva gave a special flavor to the evening.