Museum anniversary

On 14 August 2008 the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy has been inaugurated on the initiative of Alexey Shaburov. In September 2018 this unique exhibition space is celebrating its anniversary. The Exhibition of Calligraphy is confined to this special occasion. The Museum team kindly invites all the connoisseurs of calligraphy art to the inaugural ceremony of the new season to be held in September.

The Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy is a cultural and educational centre for those who wish to connect with calligraphy art and adopt the craftsmen experience, which knows no equals in Russia. The Museum mission is keeping alive and developing of the calligraphy art’s traditions. The Museum has emerged as the heartbeat of the calligraphy development in Russia as well as the unique exhibitional space joining the calligraphies from all over the world. Today the Museum has in possession a wide collection of calligraphic masterpieces of 20th – early 21st centuries created by 443 modern authors from 65 countries of the world. The permanent exhibition counts over 150 display items and is divided by thematic areas, representing the culture of writing of various people, states and religions. The visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with samples of Slavic, West European, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Jewish, Arabic and other types of calligraphy created by the notable artists of contemporaneity. Such rare pieces of work as the handwritten Constitution of the Russian Federation, the World Famous Mezuzah (a masterwork of the sacred Jewish calligraphy listed in the Guinness Book of Records, micro arts and many other artefacts are a pride of the Musem’s collection.

Since the date of its foundation the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy is been always developing, improving, and it is recruiting the best seasoned professionals to its staff. 6 International exhibitions with a constantly growing number of participants and visitors were held. The Museum organizes such thematic events as the “Calligraphy about Moscow” or the exhibition confined to the Victory Day.

The Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy is both repositing over 3 000 unique works and actively implementing a social programme. In the frame of this programme charitable master classes and tours are been organized for the charges of the social rehabilitation centres, orphan asylums and correctional educational institutions, the privileges are been granted to multi-child families and to all the categories of disabled persons. Oksana Paponina and Alexey Fedichkin are actively involved in organising field classes for mature persons and children with special needs. Their classes leave their mark: many times positive alterations have been observed in the attendee’s state of health after the calligraphy classes. Also the GPW veterans are met with support thanks to “Our Victory” project and the interaction with “Victory Volunteers” movement is contributing to the dissemination of military and historical knowledge among the young people.

The National Union of Calligraphers of Russia founded in 2008 composed of 21 members turned into a key pillar for the calligraphy development in our country. Thanks to the activity of such Union’s participants as Petr Chobit’ko, Leonid Pronenko, Nikolay Taranov, Dmitriy Petrovskiy, Yury Koverdyayev and others who are internationally well known, a number of regional centres and calligraphy development schools has been created.

Since 2010 the National School of Calligraphy is successfully working under the auspices of the Museum. From the date of its foundation over 1 000 students including mature persons and children graduated from this school. The School of Calligraphy is offering an unique opportunity to attend the classes in the Museum. A combination of the teacher’s talent, students’ fascination and the visibility of the masterpieces showed helps to enter the spirit of the calligraphy art. The tours with master classes jointly organized by the School are especially popular among the scholars and teachers.

A welcoming team of professionals, exceptional masterworks, memorable and useful master classes, informative tours: all of these things are part of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy. We kindly invite you to immerse yourselves into the world of calligraphy art in September 2018.

Museum anniversaryMuseum anniversary