January 23 — National Handwriting Day

Every year on January 23, the world celebrates Handwriting Day. The purpose of the holiday is to remind us about the importance of penmanship practice and the uniqueness of each person's handwriting. January 23 has been designated National Handwriting Day by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (WIMA).

The art of penmanship has been actively developing for thousands of years. Many thinkers tried to figure out how the way of putting thoughts on paper reflected your personality. Aristotle and many people of the Italian Renaissance expressed their thoughts on the matter.

Today, scientists describe seven key features of handwriting that reflect your personality, namely letter size, slope, shape, direction, pen pressure, word writing style, and general layout.

Today, this day is more relevant than ever since electronic gadgets often replace pen and paper. They take away the opportunity to express your thoughts by writing them down with your own hand.

The World Calligraphy Museum in Sokolniki hosts the National School of Calligraphy, where you can learn about the unusual art of calligraphy and perfect your own handwriting. All classes are temporarily moved online.

January 23 — National Handwriting DayJanuary 23 — National Handwriting Day