Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy hosted show for Kultura TV Channel

On December 21, 2017, a film crew from Kultura TV Channel has visited the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy as one of the Pryanichny Domik (Gingerbread House) shows, produced by Studiya-A creative workshop, will speak of calligraphy. The team chose to film in the museum itself, the chamber and soothing environment of which prompts to reflection and helps plunge into the writing history of various peoples. The show will feature works by Yuri Koverdyaev, A. Lebedev, Nadjip Naqqash, Kaori Isidzima and many more, and speak of the history and today's significance of calligraphy, uncovering some fun historical facts. The coverage will also include varieties of Slavonic writing, the history of calligraphy in Russia, features of Arabic and character scripts. The filming sessions will continue through the holiday season, and the show will air on January 18, 2018.