In Abraham Borshevsky's Jerusalem art workshop

The writing of the People of the Book has been living and evolving for over three thousand years. Empires and eras have changed, but the small Jewish people have cherished their culture, in which the dialogue between the Creator and man, inscribed in the Biblical scrolls of Holy Scripture, takes centre stage. The responsible and honourable job of transcribing these prophetic texts is done by sofers.

We are pleased to present two interviews with our museum exhibitor Abraham Borshevsky.

Avraham Borshevsky (b. 1970, the USSR) is a famous Jerusalem sofer and calligrapher at the Office of the Israel President. His parchments are distinguished by the original design of the ancient texts and virtuosity of their execution. The Guinness World Records includes the largest collection of Borshevsky's works which are exhibited in the Museum of World Calligraphy.

In the first interview "Torah in Persons. Avraham Borshevsky" (Israel, 2021), the master shared his feelings about the Torah and compared sacral calligraphy with musical notation.

In the second interview for the Encyclopedia of Jewish Occupations, an Israeli educational project, Avraham reveals spiritual, religious, and technical aspects of a sofer's work, and tells us about the Tsar-Mezuzah from the collection of the Museum of World Calligraphy.

*Sofer is a professional scribe of Jewish sacred scrolls.

"Torah in Persons. Avraham Borshevsky" (Israel, 2021).


An interview in 2021 in the Israeli programme "Encyclopaedia of Jewish professions" in Russian