First steps in calligraphy for kids with autism

Students of 7A form from school No. 1 in Small Business College No. 4, continue their calligraphy practice guided by Alexey Fedichkin, and by now have bit by bit approached to letters, going from simple elements to more complex ones and eventually to the entire letters. Original handmade bricks with calligrams captured the kids' attention from the onset – while some set to examine it, the others attempted to copy the artist's writings. The kids followed their trainer, painstakingly writing letters and words enciphered in calligrams, and inventing new characters.

The interactive format of the class contributed to keeping the children fresh with the unusual practice, alternating the writing exercises with warm-ups to relieve muscle tension in their hands. The class lasted long enough to let grasp the calligram concept, master low-cases and capitals and write some cleverly cyphered words.

Both the trainer and his trainees have enjoyed the unconventional approach, leaving the teacher satisfied with their performance. The class ended with a challenge to come up with a word and write it as a calligram. Alexey has also presented his original bricks to the class as the New Year gift.