Yuri Arutsev, calligraphy artist and head of the Russian Calligraphy and Vyaz original school, suggests restore penmanship in school curriculum

“Having touched upon calligraphy, any student will then look at self and the world in a completely different manner, through the prism of beauty, through apprehension of the internal freedom in love to anything and anyone, through understanding of the very Humanity” (Yuri Arutsev).

A calligraphy almanac by Yuri Arutsev offers a new perspective on its diverse universe to the public. There exists quite some scientific research in physiology and neurobiology, psychology and education science that deal with the impact of art, namely the art of calligraphy, on spiritual and moral development and intelligence of an individual.

The first November 2017 issue of the Almanac is entirely focused on school education issues. The book is intended primarily for senior executives of the Ministry of Education, primary school teachers and students’ parents, as well as for all who care about the future of the education in Russia.

The consequences of removing penmanship from primary school curriculum, combined with obliteration of the Russian communication culture, are seen as a national calamity and an immediate threat to the future generations. The authors put forward sound arguments to support the method of continuous education to maintain students healthy and successful in embracing curriculums of any level. Original, registered and tested supplementary education programmes – Penmanship and the Russian Calligraphy and Vyaz – are successfully used in primary schools. That said, this methodology prioritizes teaching calligraphy to parents and their children in family groups.

For the first time ever the almanac introduces a school desk developed by Yuri Arutsev based on his long-term experience. The drawings are also provided to assist parents in making one through individual effort – this modification of a desk ensures appropriate posture for writing practice and reduces eye strain when reading.

The next issue of the Almanac – Russian and Arabic civilizations in the history of writing – will reveal a new insight on the mysterious East in the context of cross-cultural space.

The Russian Calligraphy and Vyaz. Yuri Arutsev’s Original School. Restoring penmanship as a subject in curriculums of primary schools: almanac. – Yaroslavl: Filigran, 2017.