Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy contributes to Heritage of Russia. Folk Art and Culture for Children educational forum

Today the educational forum for teachers and educators, which is now underway in Expocentre at Krasnaya Presnya, has seen Arina Lauri, a professional calligrapher and teacher, holding a Copperplate calligraphy workshop. Supplementary education teachers have touched upon the writing history of Russia in the 19th century, discovered the methods to teach historical writing and mastered some pointed pen skills. The workshop ended with its participants trying their hand in writing Copperplate in copybooks designed for calligraphy classes at schools. According to the forum guests from all across Russia, developing penmanship skills in today's schools grows of particular importance for both general and supplementary education teachers. The workshop and the interest it produced serves as a proof to that.

Over the rest of the forum Arina Lauri and her colleague Julia Trifonova will continue holding calligraphy workshops.