Charity tour in the museum

As the new season begins, the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy continues the tradition of holding charitable museum tours for special visitors. In early October, the museum welcomed elderly visitors from the Sofia Charity Foundation for the Promotion of the Human, Society, and Culture.

The sunny weather, the museum offering the art of beautiful writing, and an exhibition tour all had a positive effect on the visitors: everyone smiled at the sweet memories the tour brought alongside with some new wonderful discoveries. The visitors, among whom there were disabled people and veterans from several districts of Moscow’s Western Administrative District (Kuntsevo, Krylatskoe, Rublevo and Fili-Davydkovo), as well as members of the Sieged Leningrad Residents Living in Moscow Society thanked the museum director Alexey Shaburov for the opportunity to see the beautiful calligraphy works from all over the world.