Charity excursion in the Museum

Today on 15th of May the schoolers of SCEE “Special (correctional) residential school of general education for disabled children with hearing disorder No.52 have visited the Museum. Within the excursion they got acquainted with the calligraphy from all over the world and they saw the biggest calligraphic work and the smallest one performed on a fly wing. The kids have found still so many extraordinary exhibits in the Museum: the illusion of movement and travelling into the “Jerusalem” 3-D composition, the Arabic texts performed in a zoomorphic style, the handwritten Constitution of the Russian Federation.

Captivated by the brightness, picturesque and beauty of the handwritten works the children and the teachers have decided to hold a lesson in the school of calligraphy and to train writing with pens.

Charity excursion in the museumCharity excursion in the museum