Brick Star Lego Museum

The unique Lego museum in the heart of Moscow and one of the largest Lego collections in Europe!

A bright, colorful exhibition presenting the best of the Lego world.

You will see a huge three-level Lego city with a fascinating night mode, inhabited by thousands of Lego people. The collection includes models of luxury cars and world’s architectural masterpieces, rare and exclusive Lego sets based on famous movies and book series, figurines from the American Comic Con festival and the very first Lego sets.

The museum was created by one of the most popular bloggers in the Lego world, Daniil Brick Star, aka Warlord, who has a million fans all around the world!

Daniil regularly gives personal guided tours, where he passionately shares interesting details about the exhibition.

Museum address: Trubnaya Square, 2, Neglinnaya Gallery Mall

Tel. +7 (495) 999-85-58

Brick Star Lego MuseumBrick Star Lego Museum