Alexander Yakovlev is a new member of the Union of Calligraphers

Aleksandr Yakovlev was born on 25 May 1956 in Lahdenpohja (Karelia).

He graduated from Krasnodar Art College and Kuban State University (Department of Graphic Arts).

Participated in international, regional and city exhibitions.

His work has been published in L.I. Pronenko's books ‘Calligraphy for All’.

Alexander's works are included in private and corporate collections in Russia and abroad.

Over the last 15 years, Aleksandr Yakovlev often turned to the works of his favourite poet, using quotations and aphorisms of Joseph Brodsky in his works.

Personal exhibitions:

- at the Municipal Organ Hall, Krasnodar, 2016.

- at the Art Union Gallery (Krasnodar) - "Poetry of letters", 2018.

- at the Fort Gallery – “In the Beginning there were Letters” (Sochi), 2018.

- at the Rodina Art Media Centre (Sochi), 2019.

- in the Exhibition Complex of the Union of Artists (Volgograd), 2019.

- at the Art Museum of Sochi, 2021.

- at the Erarta Museum (St. Petersburg), 2022.

- in the Krasnodar Regional Exhibition Hall, 2023.

Aleksandr Mikhailovich Yakovlev