The Only Copy of the Handwritten Constitution Will Be Exhibited in St. Petersburg

The International Exhibition of Calligraphy is opening at Repin St. Petersburg State Academic Institution of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.

The visitors of the show will be able to see a unique exposition containing over 350 art works by ] illustrious representatives of calligraphic schools from 24 countries, informs Interfax.

“The exhibition will include exhibits from the past and present. The collection counts up to 250 exhibits among which are the most interesting and understudied specimens of Slavonic script, national historical manuscripts, rare letters and documents of the Imperial House of Romanov from the archives of the State Historical Museum”, the organizing committee informs.

The first and only handwritten Constitution of the Russian Federation will become an exclusive exhibit of the show. The Constitution is the “offspring” of a whole group of calligraphers and publishers. The folio of exquisite design will be presented on September 17th at the official opening ceremony of the project and will have pride of place at the exposition.

The framework of the exhibition will include master classes of Russian and foreign calligraphers who will give lessons on beautiful handwriting to schoolchildren and students, and professionals will be able to attend lectures, panel sessions, seminars and calligraphic performances. There is a special program prepared for children.

Source: Internet-portal AKADO