The Mystery of the World’s Calligraphy international exhibition is to take place in Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre from December 9th – 14th

The Mystery of the World’s Calligraphy international exhibition will take place in Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre from December 9th – 14th. Representatives of various calligraphy schools from 25 countries will present around 250 works. The project’s goal is to revive the art of calligraphy forgotten in Russia, make it available and create good conditions for its development.

Calligraphy (from Greek καλλιγραφία “beautiful handwriting”) is the art of beautiful and neat handwriting. The exhibition features works of the leading calligraphers from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The exhibition of foreign calligraphy schools from Europe and the Baltic States, the U.S., Israel, China, Japan, Syria, Mongolia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Australia, India, Taiwan, Palestine, Jordan, Brazil, Peru, Armenia and Iran was especially organized to understand the beauty of calligraphy and its diversity.

The exhibition itself is diverse and exclusive. It includes dimensional video performances, real fire and water, calligraphy installations, exquisite applied calligraphy items, old manuscripts, rare letters, rare manuscripts in miniature, writing utensils of the past and the present. For visitors, all of these will become an unexpected discovery of the secret meaning in the ancient art of calligraphy.

The exhibition will showcase works by leading calligraphers from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. Historic manuscripts' samples of different ages, writing and calligraphy utensils will be also presented and a specialized library will be organized. Applied calligraphy will be represented by embroidery and calligraphic engraving on household items.

Master-classes by leading calligraphers, educational lectures and workshops for adults and children are also planned.

A handwritten copy of the Constitution of the Russian Federation will be presented as well. The unique project, prepared by the National Union of Calligraphers in collaboration with the Rare Books from St.-Petersburg Publishing House, should become worthy of the Russia’s renascence symbol and should be stored for ages. The exhibition will present 35 copies of miniature Constitutions (of the USSR, the Russian Federation, the United States, the CIS countries and Europe), as well as inaugural speeches of the former leaders of various countries. The texts of the Oath and of the inauguration ceremony speech of the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev will be presented as well.

Source: Moscow City Portal