Tatar-Inform. Calligraphic Schools for Children may appear in Russia

2008 February, 15

“Some famous Russian calligraphers expressed the desire to open calligraphic schools in their cities. We have discussed the matter and approved it in advance. If we reach a consensus, one of the schools will be opened in Moscow at Sokolniki Exhibition Centre, and another one will work in St Petersburg at Russian Institute of the History of Arts”, said Aleksey Shaburov, Director General of MVK International exhibition Company.

According to Shaburov, MVK International Exhibition Company is planning to restore the interest for calligraphic art. In autumn they will launch International Calligraphic Exhibition and Mobile Museum of Calligraphy. Its exposition will contain unstudied samples of national script and historic scripts of various nations kept in Russian archives.

“The project is aimed at introducing professionals and amateurs to the art of calligraphy. Calligraphy has long been forgotten. I hope the exhibition will improve the interest for calligraphy”, emphasized Shaburov. According to his words, during the period of preparations a lot of people got interested in calligraphy.

 “While we were preparing for the presentation a lot of people from professional schools called us. Some foreign specialists got interested in it too”, added Shaburov.

The exhibition will be started in autumn: on September 16-21, 2008 it will be held in St Petersburg, on October 3-6 in Rostov-on-Don and on November 18-21 in the State Duma of Russia in Moscow. On the exhibition days the visitors will try their hand at calligraphic art and professionals will attend master classes of the world famous calligraphers.

Source: IA "Tatar-Inform"