Spending the Weekend with Your Family. The International Exhibition of Calligraphy

Last week the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy saw the opening of the 2nd International Exhibition of Calligraphy, the first large-scale event of this kind to shake Moscow.

The exposition unfolded inside a unique ultra-modern mobile pavilion (Exhibit Hall 7a) on the Sokolniki ECC premises. Moreover, the permanent exposition of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy (Exhibit Hall 7) will also be available within the framework of the exhibition. The total exhibition area amounts to five thousand square metres. The exposition features not only paintings, but also rare handwritten manuscripts, applied calligraphy items, writing utensils and materials. Special attention should be paid to theme sections representing the writing cultures of various nations, states, and religions.

Source: Private Money, an Internet magazine www.personalmoney.ru