Russia’s first Museum of Calligraphy is to be opened in Moscow

Russia’s first Museum of Calligraphy is to be opened in Moscow

The Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy, the first museum in Russia dedicated to the art of handwriting, is to be launched in the nearest future at the premises of Moscow’s Sokolniki Park.

“All across the world, including Turkey, China, Japan and the UAE, there are museums displaying permanent calligraphy expositions. However, there is no such museum in Russia yet,” the organizers remark.

The exposition presented at the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy features refined samples of Slavonic and European writings, Russian and foreign books on the art of calligraphy, rare handwritten editions published in a single copy, writing utensils of the past and present, and elegant works of the Jewish calligraphy school.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is presented with more than eighty beautifully designed paintings executed by calligraphers from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, France, Israel, Syria, the USA, Japan, China and other countries. All of these art samples are soaked with the experience of many generations and centuries-old traditions of writing.

Visitors will also be able to examine the students’ works taught by the famous calligraphers: those who have just started their way in the art of calligraphy, adopting skills of their teachers.

Source: RosBusinessConsulting, an informational agency