Not a day without a line

Moscow saw the opening of a unique exhibition of calligraphy.

Moscow’s Sokolniki Park saw the opening of the 2nd International Exhibition of Calligraphy featuring the works of high art writing from 30 countries. This is no one-day goer: five thousand square metres will take a bit longer to examine all exhibits. Every one of them has some charm of its own. For instance, here you will discover a draft illustrated handwritten copy of the National Anthem of the Russian Federation (a present to Dmitry Medvedev from Silvio Berlusconi) designed by Barbara Calzolari, calligrapher of Pope Benedict XVI.

Barbara Calzolari, calligrapher and artist, “I started studying calligraphy around fifteen years ago. Back then I did translations of foreign poetry and I wanted to refine my handwriting. Gradually I became engrossed with the stuff and now it is part of my life: not a day without calligraphy.”

It is not for nothing that calligraphy is called a visual art. The authors impart an emotional coloring to every sign conveying a certain message, or even a feeling. Fancy interspersions of painting and graphics on full-fledged canvases will blow your mind away. Many exhibits are dedicated to the ancient Orient.

Tatyana Metaksa, orientalist, “Calligraphy is a time machine transporting you to various historical, religious, philosophical, and aesthetic settings.”

Exhibits of deep religious purport are also available. This piece of parchment from Jerusalem is listed in the Guinness World Records. It contains an excerpt from the Pentateuch which is more than three thousand years old. Usually, such manuscripts are merely ten centimeters long, whereas the contemporary Hebrew scribe created a brilliant copy thereof of impressive dimensions.

Avraham Borshevsky, Jerusalem calligrapher and artist, “Here the most exacting and harsh canonical rules have been applied and I have decided to make it larger for those features to be more apparent.”

Master-classes by world-renowned calligraphers, e.g. by Nja Mahdaoui, a patriarch of contemporary calligraphy, whose works can be found in world’s leading museums, e.g. the British Museum, will be held throughout the event.