Moscow will see the first museum of calligraphy

Very soon Moscow will see the first in the country writing art museum – the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy. As it is said this museum will be opened in the Sokolniki Park.

Similar museums have been long working in Turkey, China, Japan and United Arab Emirates. It is by a very strange chance that Russia did not have any calligraphy museum. Even on week-days there are lots of visitors at the museum. The unique exhibits are kept in a big, cool and dark hall. The exposition includes 80 works presented by Europe, Baltic states, USA, Israel, China, Japan, Syria, Mongolia, UAE, Turkey, Australia, India, Taiwan, Palestine, Jordan and Brazil. Also there many interesting samples of Slavonic writing, calligraphy books and the rarest editions one-of-a-kind. And of course, in the museum one can find amazing writing tools with charming names: turkey, goose and eagle feathers, bamboo, reed and plastic bottle stylus, sharpened birch writing sticks, ancient desk organizers and penwipers, cupronickel inkpots and paper-weights. Old and contemporary exhibits and smoothly combined in one great exposition.

Source: MOSPRESS, official web-portal of the Moscow mayor and Moscow government