II International Exhibition of Calligraphy will take place in Moscow from October 14 till November 14

Moscow is to become the calligraphic centre of the world.

II International Exhibition of Calligraphy will take place in Moscow from October 14 till November 14

The West and East, professional artists and connoisseurs, classic calligraphy and ultra-modern arts are here to meet. The exhibition display is going to demonstrate the artworks created by the renowned masters of calligraphy from 33 countries: exquisite Slavonic and European art pieces, simple forms of classic Japanese and traditional Chinese writing, exquisite Jewish and Arabic script samples.

The Moscow public will get a unique chance to see the rare handwritten books, calligraphic masterpieces which have broken the Guinness records and take part in mini-festivals on Japanese, Tibetan and Slavonic cultures and attend the calligraphic master classes.

The event will arouse a grand interest in the cultural sphere and mass media. The exhibition will feature the artworks of the world famous calligraphers. The project geography has extended considerably. The exhibition in Moscow will demonstrate the calligraphic masterpieces from more than thirty countries, like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Israel, USA, Japan, China, France, Italy, Germany, Australia, Brazil, etc. Among the exhibition guests there will be the world art collectors, art dealers, art experts, critics and representatives of culture institutions.

As a part of its exposition the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy will for the first time represent its new exhibit, the unique masterpiece of sacral calligraphy from the World Guinness Records, Tsar-mezuzah created by an illustrious calligrapher from Jerusalem, Avraam Borshevsky.

The exhibition will demonstrate pictures and rare script books and documents, applied calligraphy items, writing utensils and materials. Special emphasis will be made on thematic sections representing the writing culture of different nations, countries and religions. Particularly, the organizers will represent the collection of sacral calligraphy masterpieces. A highly-topical business programme and Sacral Writ in Calligraphy contest are being formed at the moment.

The exhibition will be organized under the aegis of UNESCO and with support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

The project partners are: company RODER HTS HOCKER GmbH and SWISS air lines, Maxima Hotels, MGIMO Alumnae Association, Russian State Library, Russian National Library and Sokolniki Culture and Exhibition Centre.

The show is organized under the aegis of the UNESCO Commission of the Russian Federation, supported by the ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and approved by the Russian Orthodox Church, Russian Rabbinate, Mufti Council of Russia and representatives of Buddhist organizations. All this emphasizes the significance of the coming event.

The exposition will be placed in Sokolniki exhibition centre, in a new ultra-modern mobile pavilion which has no analogues in Russia (pavilion 7a) and pavilion 17. Besides, the exposition of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy (pavilion 7) will be open all the time. The total exhibition space will cover 5, 000 sq.m.

Source: Vechernyaya Moskva