Exhibition Of A Famous Russian Calligrapher To Open In Moscow

According to the Rosmedia Information Agency, the opening of the first one-man exhibition by famous calligraphy master and watercolourist Vitaliy Shapovalov will take place in Moscow on September 12th.

This is the first time the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy is organizing such a major exhibition for a domestic calligrapher on its premises. The exhibition features over one hundred significant calligraphy works the master has created over the last years. The exhibition also includes many original paintings based on the great literary works by Mikhail Bulgakov, James Joyce, Vladimir Nabokov, Alexander Pushkin, William Shakespeare, as well as portraits, genre scenes, still lifes and even iconographical works executed in Vitaliy Shapovalov’s unique style.

Vitaliy Shapovalov is a member of the National Union of Calligraphers; his works were presented at numerous art exhibitions, both in Russia and abroad (Norway, Japan, and Turkey). The master is known all over the world thanks to the unique technique he developed of combining watercolour and calligraphy.

Source: Rosmedia Information Agency