Calligraphy is the art of mind and soul

The project is made to revive the forgotten traditions of the writing culture, to make calligraphy widely available, and to create conditions for its further development as the art of mind and soul. Citizens and guests of Saint-Petersburg will be the first in Russia to see the unique exposition, where more than 300 works of the most recognized representatives of calligraphic schools from 24 countries are presented. The items of the past and present look as one at the exhibition. The Exhibition will show you samples of Slavic writing, historical manuscripts and manuscripts of the nations of the world, rare letters and documents belonging to the noble Russian family, the Romanovs, and taken from the vaults of the State Historical Museum. The visitors will see a great gallery of rare, scarce and unseen manuscripts and miniature books from private collections. Besides these, they will see writing materials and utensils of all ages, and will be able to scrupulously examine modern original and distinct samples of applied calligraphy.

The icing on the cake will be a presentation of the one and only handwritten copy of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. The exclusive document was executed by a top-flight team of calligraphers and publishers. This outstanding work is considered to be a symbol of Russia’s rebirth and its statehood, a huge milestone in domestic book publishing industry. Delicately designed, the folio is to be unveiled on September 17th and to have a special place in the exhibition.

Around 40 Russian and foreign calligraphers will give master-classes for students and schoolchildren everyday within the exhibition programme. The exhibition will feature round table discussions, seminars, calligraphic performances and contests for amateur calligraphers. Very special activities are prepared for the little ones. Several master-classes for Orphanage 23 of Saint-Petersburg will also be given as a part of the event.

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