After the great success of the International Exhibition of Calligraphy in St. Petersburg, art of neat writing is coming to Moscow. On December 9, 2008 at the Culture and Exhibition Center Sokolniki will be held the official opening of the exposition of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy.

Новости каллиграфии

Dates: December 9 — 14, 2008
Organizers: National Union of Calligraphers and MVK
Venue: Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy
Address: Sokolniki Culture & Exhibition Centre, 1 Sokolnichesky Val, pavilion 7, Moscow

Новости каллиграфии

The mission is to form a beautiful and healthy society
The project aims to revive the lost art of calligraphy in Russia, make it widely available and create conditions for its development.

Calligraphy (from the Greek "beautiful handwriting") — is the art of beautiful and clear writing. The exhibition will feature the works of well-known calligraphers from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. We want people to fully understand and feel this fine art, so at the exhibition there will be works from foreign calligraphic schools — Europe, the Baltic states, the USA, Israel, China, Japan, Syria, Mongolia, the UAE, Turkey, India, Taiwan, Australia, Palestine, Jordan, Brazil, Peru,  Armenia and Iran.

The large museum exposition will include historic specimen of manuscripts of different ages, utensils for writing and lettering and specialized library. The applied calligraphy is represented by embroidery, calligraphic engravings on household items.


There will be held master-classes of the foremost calligraphers and


There will also be introduced the first handwritten Constitution of the Russian Federation. This unique project prepared by the National Union of Calligraphers and the Rare Book from St. Petersburg publishing house promises to be the symbol of the restoration of Russia and be preserved for ages.

The exposition of the Project “Mystery of the World Calligraphy” will include 35 miniature Constitutions (USSR, Russian Federation, CSI, Asia and Europe), inauguration speeches of the leaders of different countries.

The art of calligraphy offers the opportunity to develop one’s personality at any age.


A new quality of life is not merely possible, but it is in fact a reality. MVK is not forcing its new project. We just call talented people to shape a beautiful healthy society.
Новости каллиграфии

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Partners: MGIMO Graduates Association, International Club of Petersburgers, Russian National Library, Russian State Library, Sokolniki Culture & Exhibition Centre, Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy

Новости каллиграфии

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