Calligraphic chefs d’oeuvre rock Moscow

Calligraphic chefs d’oeuvre rock Moscow

Sokolniki Park, Moscow has been ripped apart by the 2nd International Exhibition of Calligraphy. The five hundred square metres of the exhibition area demonstrated the works by masters of the art of beautiful handwriting from over thirty countries. It is not without reason that calligraphy is defined as a visual art. For every single detail is attributed a certain shade of emotional colouring, impregnated with thought, permeated with feeling. Here you will be amazed at the first handwritten copy of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Holy Mantra, Calligraphy on a Wing of a Fly, a unique exhibit from Asia.

Besides, the visitors will have a unique opportunity to see the draft of the illustrated handwritten copy of the National Anthem of the Russian Federation (a gift to Dmitry Medvedev from Silvio Berlusconi).

Sokolniki Park

The exhibition will be on through November 14th (no breaks).

Источник: Source: Vechernyaya Moskva