Best calligraphers from 15 countries to conduct more than 30 master classes in Veliky Novgorod

The best calligraphers from fifteen countries will conduct more than thirty master classes in Veliky Novgorod. The events will be held within the framework of the 3rd International Exhibition of Calligraphy at Yaroslav’s Court. Famous calligraphers from Russia, Canada, France, India, Norway, and other countries have been invited to participate in the exhibition and give a series of master classes.

Masters of the art of beautiful handwriting will be introducing the citizens of Novgorod to Arabic, Persian, Korean calligraphy within the Fixed Event Period. They will also speak in the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets and their history.

Some master classes were held on the first day of the exhibition. A performance by Kim Jong Chil, a calligrapher from South Korea, who had been dealing with this art for more than twenty years, aroused genuine interest among the spectators. On a large sheet of paper he wrote “Russia and Veliky Novgorod” with Russian letters but in a Korean style.
Maestro explained that calligraphy requires no hurry, e.g. only to get good ink one should mix it with a brush in a special cup for about twenty minutes.

The Korean artist noted that every house in his motherland was equipped with a plate with quotations of the wise on it creating harmony and order.

At the opening ceremony, Hassan Makaremi, a calligrapher from France demonstrated painting on porcelain plates. Everyone could try to paint dishes with their own hands.

Pyotr Chobitko, President of the National Union of Calligraphers remarked that it was a rare chance for a visitor to try to become a calligrapher for a while. According to him this art makes you progress continuously. Mr. Chobitko also said he had brought his students, who could show their skill and learn from the masters. He promised to hold a master class in Old Russian Writing.

The exhibition will feature three hundred and seventy-five works by famous calligraphers from forty-three countries featuring a unique World Famous Mezuzah by Avraham Borshevsky from Jerusalem until September 12th. This artifact listed in the Guinness World Records is a sacred parchment scroll with two passages from the Torah written on it. Under the tradition, the scroll is to be placed inside the case and stored in every Jewish household.

According to the organizers, the 3rd International Exhibition of Calligraphy in Veliky Novgorod will be the most ambitious project with the total exposition area of 1400 sq. m. About forty-three thousand visitors are expected. One hundred and twenty-seven tons of equipment was brought for successful implementation of the project. This is the last large-scale project in Russia dedicated to calligraphy.