Two-day crash course in Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy on March 27-28

On March 27th and 28th the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy held a pointed pen crash course to give an express introduction to the art of fine writing – attendees acquired some basic skills with pen and ink.

The School of Calligraphy provides a unique opportunity through housing the classes in the museum itself. A combination of trainer’s talent and students’ engagement, mixed with surrounding masterpieces, lets enter into the spirit of calligraphy. Inspired by rare masterpieces on the walls, the course participants make their first steps into the world of calligraphy, and who knows, some of their works may make it to the museum’s exhibit at some point soon.

The course is adapted for any difficulty and starts with introduction of the simplest elements, followed by letters and words. Original copybooks and the trainer’s charm ensured relaxed and entertaining process.

Answering questions and looking for individual approaches to each student, Artem Lebedev fostered proper pen technique and warned of the novice challenges to come. He also unlocked some tricks of the trade, such as locations of supplies, ratios of a balanced script, pen angle and weight, and much more. For students it was a chance to try various tools and pick the one to their liking.

The participants gained some new knowledge about Copperplate and pointed pen, used the opportunity to make their own decorated calligraphy pieces, and of course, totally enjoyed their interaction with a true professional.

When an experienced trainer guides you, calligraphy is able to clear your mind of fears and inhibitions. If you feel like starting to learn calligraphy, we are excited to invite you to the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy on April 15th to attend a unique Russian Vyaz crash course!

Get inspired and creative!