The National School of Calligraphy invites to enroll for calligraphy courses

Training at the Contemporary Museum of calligraphy will take on an updated format this year. We did our best to make the courses convenient and interesting for various groups of students.

Adaptive educational technologies allow to work out the basic fonts and master the instruments in a short period of time. Within the course you will learn to distinguish lettering and calligraphy, study historic handwritings, try different writing instruments, make your own portfolio and find out where the acquired skills can be applied. The fact that lettering and calligraphy are widely used in contemporary advertising campaigns, logos, interior designs and other spheres is not a mere coincidence. They also combine perfectly with watercolors and commercial illustration. All this and much more will be discussed at our course for beginners.

We selected a range of courses in different aspects of calligraphy for professional designers and artists. You can choose convenient time for your lessons taking into consideration our working hours.

Thanks to the unique methodology and high skill levels of our trainers, practicing calligraphers, you get an opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. Studying in the museum space allows you to reach the state of balance and relaxation and try to express the flight of your soul. Calligraphy courses help you to built “internal order”, organize your thoughts, develop inner freedom and discipline. They also boost your imagination, help you concentrate and adapt in our world that is full of stress.

Expand your outlook, study the culture and traditions of the nations of the world, develop your intelligence and find etraordinary ways to relax together with the team of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy.

The courses start day is January 13.

You can clarify the details with museum managers.

Contacts for enrolling: 8-916-002-90-09 email: