The National School of Calligraphy

Your phone calls and letters confirmed the necessity to open the National School of Calligraphy in Moscow.

Timetable is made in accordance with the age groups skills.

Educational program at the school consists of two levels.

Elementary level is designed for you to meet the definition of calligraphy, its history, handwriting materials and other interesting information with the goal of mastering writing skills. Ten lessons are called for achievement thereof. You will learn to write:

  • lines to feel the tool and the surface;
  • rounded and angled elements of both slants – the basis of beautiful handwriting;
  • Russian Cyrillic lower cases;
  • Kerned letters, ascendants and descendants;
  • capitals,
  • liaison elements,
  • ornamental calligraphic elements.
Educating calligraphy exercises are also to be included. After finishing the elementary course, you will be able not only to sign beautiful postcards to your friends, but also to sit the intermediate level featuring:
  • the history of written language and different scripts;
  • writing drop caps and monograms;
  • working with scripts (Uncial Cyrillic book hand, Half-uncial Cyrillic book hand, etc.).
The National School of CalligraphyTen times as interesting as at school
The National School of CalligraphyChristmas tree in letters
The National School of CalligraphyA letter expressing the mood
The National School of CalligraphySlavic scripts
The National School of CalligraphyCalligrapher’s draft

Parents can be observers or participants when accompanying their children at the lessons.

The National School of CalligraphyFirst letters emerged
The National School of CalligraphyAnything can happen at our classes
The National School of CalligraphyYour teacher will always help you

Venue: the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy, pavilion 7, Sokolniki Museum-Educational Complex, Moscow.

The National School of CalligraphyThe Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy
The National School of CalligraphyCozy and very beautiful museum interior
will be an excellent classroom
The National School of CalligraphyIn step with the inspiration
The National School of Calligraphy

Unfortunately, you cannot learn calligraphy by correspondence

We are waiting for your calls. All your EOIs can be submitted via telephone or E-mail with the subject – Question about the school – included.

Source: Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy