Spring welcomed by light pen strokes in the Contemporary Museum of calligraphy

The «Encounter with calligraphy» course attainment certificates were delivered in the Contemporary Museum of calligraphy. Within 15 hours of the course, the listeners got acquainted with the art of calligraphy, origins of the main historical scripts and they got an initial overview of the tools and the skills of their operation.

Each lesson contained a creative and practical part. The training of the hand, specifics of the calligraphic tools’ operation, homework assignments, all of this is the integral part of the «Encounter with calligraphy» course. At the accomplishment of the course, each student has created his series of final works that will be delighting the eye and reminding about the excellent teacher, Artem Lebedev. Thanks to him, the introduction to calligraphy left outstanding and unforgettable impressions. A pedagogical talent is measured by the successes of the pupils and therefore there was a suggestion of regret in the voice of the grateful students. The time slid past at work. Although for those who decided to continue their education the intake to the next stage has started.

For more detailed information, please, contact the course curator at the phone: 8-916-002-90-09.