Presentation of children’s calligraphy course

On October 31st the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy held a presentation of children’s calligraphy course ‘The Basic of Calligraphy’. The National School of Calligraphy’s teacher Artyom Lebedev described the main courses of teaching calligraphy to children. Everyone in the audience was so impressed by the mystic art of calligraphy that not only children but their parents too were eager to participate in the workshop. Flowers decorated with flourishing were blossoming on the white paper sheets.

After the presentation children and their parents surrounded the lecturer and bombarded him with questions about the art of calligraphy. Many members of the audience were enthusiastic about learning the art of fine writing.

After the presentation a children’s group was formed. On November 7th the National School of Calligraphy will open its doors for the young students.

For more details about the academic programme please contact Irina Kornilova, manager of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy and of the National School of Calligraphy:

+7 (495) 728—77—58,

+7 (916) 002-90-09