New enrollment to calligraphy courses

The National School of Calligraphy announces new enrollment for winter calligraphy courses: the Basic course; Uncial and Slavic scripts; Pointed Pen; Lettering.

The courses start December 1st, each course consists of 10 classes of 2 academic hours.

Our school offers the unique opportunity to study calligraphy in an ambience filled with calligraphy masterpieces from all over the world. Being in the museum among the works of the best masters will help you feel inspired and dive deep into the depths of creativity.

What would you prefer: the firm and secure broad pen, light swirls of the pointed pen, or absolute freedom in choosing the instrument provided by lettering? Or are you one for taking a close look at the historical aspects and traditional roots of writing?

You can see the details here, or call us at: +7 (495) 728-77-58, +7 (916) 002-90-09.

Meanwhile, here are some moments from the pointed pen courses for kids and adults: