New courses launched in National School of Calligraphy

The last weekend the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy in Sokolniki has launched a new season of adult courses. On top of traditional and popular curriculum, including Basic and Pointed Pen Calligraphy, Spencerian has been introduced to offer a particularly sophisticated and airy decorative writing training. Guided by professional calligrapher Daria Shelomkova, students learn the tools and materials employed by the script.

The National School of Calligraphy is able to offer courses to any liking. In the nearest future three entirely new ones will be launched to fit amateurs and beginners, as well as professional designers and artists: lettering course by Artem Lebedev starts on October 31, a unique Oriental Calligraphy course by Kaori Isidzima, a professional calligrapher from Japan with 40 years of experience, on November 8, and Brushpen – on November 11.

You can still make it to enrol – don't miss your opportunity to master various styles of calligraphy. For details please see the National School of Calligraphy's website.