National School of Calligraphy held first alumni reunion

The Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy held the first National School of Calligraphy alumni reunion on May 25 to reflect on the annual progress and discuss completed courses and workshops. Students' and graduates' success is the best evidence of the teaching staff's performance. We are even more proud to note that many students' works have been put on display at the 6th International Exhibition of Calligraphy, alongside the pieces by recognized artists.

A special note was also given to the trainers participating in social projects for people of all ages with special needs, where Oxana Paponina and Alexey Fedichkin were highly praised. Their classes tell: there are numerous improvements observed following calligraphy practice.

Artem Lebedev looked back at his early steps as the school trainer, unveiling the secrets of creating original copybooks and building courses for various ages. We have also listened to the participants' impressions about the classes they liked best, and their ideas for further improvements of the school. The attendees spent some quality time at a tea party getting to know about the school's life, recapped their skills at a practice session and enjoyed the exhibition held in the Museum.

The National School of Calligraphy is rich with continuing generations: some of its graduates are now trainers. The meeting let anyone demonstrate their talents and saw the graduates enthusiastically writing with pointed or unique natural pens, sharing the memories of their first steps in calligraphy and the impact it had on their life. Some fascinating character transformations, such as peace of mind, better attention and tidiness, were noted.

The guests were particularly sentimental to talk about their trainers, education term and achievements. Since the School was established in 2010, it has seen over 1000 graduates of all ages. We hope such meetings as this one will become a good tradition.

To those interested to take or continue the path of mastering calligraphy, we are happy to remind that the National School of Calligraphy offers online enrolment to the classes next term.