Looking forward to seeing you at the National school of calligraphy’ old students party

On 25th of May at 7 p.m. the National school of beautiful writing art kindly invites the adult courses old students to the party at the Contemporary Museum of calligraphy. Since the year 2010 about 1000 students, children and adults have graduated from the school. We are convinced that the passion for the calligraphy unifies all of you and therefore on this day we kindly invite you to feel out the atmosphere of aesthetics, creation and communication with those people who also enter into the love for the beautiful writing. The school teacher Artem Vasilyevich Lebedev will attend the party.

Please, kindly confirm your presence on 25th of May by phone 8 916-022-90-09 or e-mail kornilova_il@sokolniki.com.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!