Intensive course for children held in the Museum of calligraphy

Would you like your children to be attentive, neat and assiduous? These and other positive qualities as, for instance, high tolerance for stress, may be developed by the calligraphy. Many persons know about the good influence of fine motor skills on the brain formation during the writing process. On 1st of April, the unique intensive course with special purpose for children and their parents was held in the Contemporary Museum of calligraphy.

The lesson “Introduction to calligraphy” was given by the calligrapher of “Lacart Design” studio, teacher of National school of beautiful writing art, Ekaterina Orfanova. Under her guidance children who have never hold the pen in their hands, could be acquainted with the calligraphy. The schoolmaster has found an individual approach towards each student and she friendly advised how to avoid mistakes and in the case of difficulties, she was always ready to help her young pupils. The teacher allowed the children feeling themselves true discoverers of the letters world and being genuinely happy of learning the unknown. The theory was presented in an accessible form by questions and answers.

Ekaterina Alexandrovna explained the meaning of the ink holder, spoke about the existing types of pens and the difference between them. The teacher got the children interest by the secrets of the world of calligraphy, she introduced them to the history of scripts in Europe and Russia and showed them the correct technique of writing, hand training and right posture.

The lesson was held with smiles and joy and therefore the children could become loosen up and get pleasure of the activities. It seemed that four hours passed away too quickly.

A pleasant surprise has been prepared for the students: at the end of the lesson every of them could create a bookmark with a Latin quotation “verba volant, scripta manent” and receive a certificate of participation. The main result, certainly, consisted in the lively children emotions, pride of the work accomplished and spark of concernment flashed in the kids’ eyes. The intensive course allowed them to usefully spend their Sunday: start learning new skills and get pleasure of the laborious lesson. The first pen trial has got the children interested and, may be, they will wish to develop their knowledge in this field. The National school of beautiful writing art has started the enrolment especially for the future young calligraphers for the next educational year.