Intensive course for children

On 1st of April at 12 a.m. children intensive course “Knowledge of calligraphy” will be held in the Contemporary Museum of calligraphy.

Ekaterina Orfanova, calligrapher, designer of “Lacart design” studio, teacher of the National school of beautiful writing art, will give a 4 hour interactive lesson for children and their parents. The participants level of skills is not important, 6+ age requirement.

Intensive course program:

  • Knowledge of historical scripts of Europe and Russia.
  • Training of hand and posture.
  • First writing attempt (in interactive way)
  • Basic exercises from simple elements to letters.
  • Upper-case and lower case alphabet. Creation of final work.

Lively atmosphere, freedom of creation, impressive emotions and, certainly, beautiful work that young participants will take as keepsake – all these you will find soon in the Contemporary Museum of calligraphy!

Date: 1st of April 2018.
Time: from 12 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Fee cost: 4000 rubles.
Level of skills: any.

For registration, please, contact tel: 8-495-728-77-58, 8-916-002-90-09, 8-495-995-05-95 (extension 471)

Intensive course for childrenIntensive course for children