First Spencerian class held in School of Calligraphy

Spencerian or American script is justifiably the American historical and cultural heritage. This script featuring several types and even more variations, is notable for its special elegance and flutter – light and airy in lower case, boldly contract in upper case, weight-free and strict in business handwriting, with open and floaty flourishing. Similar to Copperplate, Spencerian employs pointed pen and oblique holder for convenience. Today Spencerian again takes pride of place among calligraphy artists all over the world.

This course is essential for those pursuing high quality knowledge in contemporary handwriting. Initial level will introduce business handwriting – students will focus on writing with pointed pen, hand positioning exercises, Latin letters structure and stylistic features of the business handwriting. Classwork supplemented with daily practice at home will enable profound mastery of the script. According to experienced trainer Daria Shelomkova, one of the key steps when “coming to grips” with Spencerian is training muscle memory. At times it may seem the perfection of the original script is just ahead and you are a maestro in Spencerian, but it'll take more than that. Sometimes years of practice, numerous grinded pens and sleepless nights are what it takes for the dream to come true.

The team of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy wishes fresh students further creative success and patience on their way to personal growth!

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