Christmas Card workshop

The New Year feel is in the air, and it's no wonder the Christmas Card workshop on December 17 has seen a plenty of creative people coming to the welcoming Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy. Participants of all ages worked with gusto on their unique New Year gifts, designed to deliver a magical experience to their friends and family.

Ekaterina Orfanova, calligraphy artist, designer and trainer in the National School of Calligraphy, has held a truly magnificent workshop, striving to find an individual approach to each attendee. To begin with, she gave an insight into the history of cards, introduced the pointed and broad pen techniques, shared some tricks of the trade and then assisted in the decoration process.

The attendees were reverent and keen to combine learned elements into words, creating true mini masterpieces and plunging into the painstaking art of calligraphy that connects the contemporary with the age-old traditions of handwritten greetings. A hand-made card is a sign of respect and kindness towards its receiver, and as a popular wisdom we all know says, the best gift is a hand-made one. Red stroked of ink, golden tapes and glittering sparkles – all of it has been put to good use in the cards.

The experience proved to enjoy all ages: while adults recalled their childhood and making of hand-made gifts for friends and family, the younger generation acquired some new skills – everyone could find their way to self-express creatively, discover various calligraphy techniques, relax the mind, get inspired and charge with the New Year vibes.

However there was something more: another welcoming surprise, a contest to choose the finest card, occurred, its winners receiving tickets to the Led skating rink in Sokolniki. This tradition of awarding the most original creators will maintain in the workshops to follow.

The series of the New Year classes in the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy is not over – another meeting, dedicated to the traditional Russian Vyaz, has already been scheduled for December 24 – come and join us and gain new knowledge to start the new year with!