The Calligraphy School in Sokolniki Invites Children for Courses

The National School of Beautiful Writing, based at the World Calligraphy Museum in Sokolniki, announces the intake of children from 7 years old for the Calligraphy and Beautiful handwriting courses. The courses will start offline at the Calligraphy Museum after October, 18. You can sign up to the groups on the website and by phone: +7 (916) 205-09-78.

The course program provides everything that is needed for those who are just starting their creative path in calligraphy. Children will learn to concentrate on the creative process, be accurate, attentive, and, of course, learn to write beautifully. As part of the courses, several classes will be devoted to historical Russian and Western European calligraphy.

Each student will be provided with a Young Calligrapher's Kit with all the necessary tools and materials before classes start.

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, please read the rules for visiting the museum:

- When visiting the museum (courses at the Calligraphy School), you must use personal protective equipment (masks and gloves).

- It is also necessary to maintain social distance (at least 1.5 m from each other).

Before visiting the museum and courses at the Calligraphy School, staff measure the visitor's body temperature.

Failure to comply with these rules, as well as in case of high body temperature, will result in denial of access to the facility.

The Calligraphy School in Sokolniki Invites Children for CoursesThe Calligraphy School in Sokolniki Invites Children for Courses