Calligraphy demonstration lesson jointed together people of all ages

On Sunday, 10th of February, a demonstration lesson with profile “Calligraphy based on the italic cursive type” was held. The teacher Ekaterina Orfanova carried out a master class for the children and their parents in love with calligraphy, learning them to make a greeting card for the Saint Valentine’s Day. Firstly, the students were requested to perform an easy warming-up, carrying out several exercises and writing the letters of the italic cursive type as well as making a trial stroke by a broad pen. Following these exercises, the students started to sign the greeting cards. The parents with their children have carefully created an ingenious ornamental design, writing down the words by a smooth and regular handwriting, forging away at every letter. As a result, they made a fine inscription reminding about happy and good love, not only towards one’s relatives but also towards one’s favorite occupation. Finally, the greeting cards were embellished by decorative fixtures: spangles, ribbons, gold-plating. The rave of colors, imagination and emotions resulted in a powerful creative process! All the students without exceptions derived pleasure: the parents were happy to spend the time with their children and the kids were pleased that their parents backed their creative ideas. The exciting occupation made the time to go too quickly in a warm and family atmosphere. The event has ended with a surprise: candies gifts and air balloons. All the participants of the creative lesson left the museum with positivity and sunny smiles on their faces. They stated that they have truly felt the magic attraction of a beautiful art.