Calligraphy as path to happiness

Haven't we all ever asked ourselves a question – if there is magical way to change one's life, learn swift and logical thinking, articulate ideas in a nicely fashion, find a method for self expression and relieve stress? Indeed there is one activity capable of doing all of the above, and that is calligraphy.

According to one of the students trained by doctor, graphic, calligraphy and monogram artist, writer and social activist Yuri Arutsev, the very art of calligraphy helped him change his life.

Calligraphy can be mastered by anyone at any age, right or left-handed. With due diligence, any student will grasp rapid and fine handwriting, learn to maintain posture and position paper correctly. The practice will not only contribute to the handwriting that expresses individuality, it will also evolve such virtues as prowess, logic, patience and much more. Calligraphy plays a great deal in developing human brain and improves concentration and perseverance.

It's no wonder the student emphasizes his life now features “before” and “after”. Writing reflects our inner world, meaning that as we enhance handwriting, we create harmony in our lives too. Practicing calligraphy will become small special occasions that lend colours to daily lives.