Calligraphy and Music about Love workshop on February 12

We are excited to invite you to the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy on February 12 where we will talk and write about love!

Calligraphy as the art of fine writing depicts the nature of time in a graphic fashion, with its own perception and style. You can hardly confuse austere and ornamental Blackletter with airy and elegant Copperplate. But there is one feeling that unites any writing style, which is love. Different history periods used to see people discover new facets of love.

For example, Immanuel Kant, an outstanding mind of the 18th century, believed that love and respect are the key responsibilities between people, while distinguishing between two types of love: practical love to God or a fellow human being, and pathological or sensual love. Valery Brusov, Russian poet in late 19th century, depicted love as a religious rite or a sacrament in his poems.

At the workshop both calligraphy and music will help you imagine the way they talked about love in the past, and produce confessions in two styles at once: Blackletter and Copperplate. Special paper and a wax stamp will help create a genuine image, while authentic music will contribute to the artistic feel.

Designers and calligraphy artists Ekaterina Orfanova and Mark Yakimenko will teach the workshop.

The event starts at 14.00
Duration: 2,5 hours.
Price: 1200 RUB
Tools and materials to be provided.
No skill level required.

Admission is appointment based only, please call to make an appointment:

Calligraphy and Music about Love workshop on February 12